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Some emails we've received...

I hope this finds you well - I am contacting you on behalf of Outside Magazine's Premier Active Traveler Team! We are currently working on our February issue and it appears that Vertical Adventures is going to be covered in our School's In Feature Story in the February issue! Outside's Editors attended the world's best camps to master a new skill and found your rock-climbing clinics to be the best in the business...Congrats!
Kristen Ude,
Active Travel Director, Outside Magazine  

Good Afternoon,
I just wanted to reach out and say that my fiancee and I had the best experience yesterday with our guide Chris at Joshua Tree. As you know, it was our first time outdoors and we absolutely loved it and it really had a lot to do with our guide. He was beyond knowledgeable, safety conscious and made sure we had fun and got our money's worth. Thank you so much for a great experience and also having such a high standard for your employees. We will definitely be back for another trip and couldn't imagine using a different company.

Dear Bob, Erik and Tony:
The true testimonial to an art form is the impression. Teaching others to engage in a sport that requires you to step outside your comfort-zone and really challenge individual boundaries, makes a genuine art form out of teaching others "how" to rock climb.
I want to thank you not only as a group but personally, because both you and your guides have inspired me (as an amputee and previous rock-climber) and an unusual group of individuals (some of whom probably never saw themselves climbing a rock in their lifetime) to pursue rock climbing further and that is the true testimonial to the success of your craft. Through their instruction, your guides absolutely reinforced in me (and I think the group as whole) that the limits of an individual is readily defined by their ability to understand that limitation and embrace it as a foundation, more so than a place to end. I think I speak for the group when I say: both Eric and Tony, in their own unique way, were experts in helping each person expand their concept of individual boundaries/limitations. And for two days worth of climbing instruction, you have definitely left a profound impression in all of us as to what it is to be a rock climber.
Thank you and you will definitely be hearing from this band of hooligans again :)
Sam Paneno

I climbed with two of your guides in Joshua and loved the experience. I have gone quite a few places to climb and hired guides and none have been as good as yours - safe, knowledgeable, friendly. I really appreciated their time.
Mollie Bogardus

Hi Bob,
I hope all is well and that you're having a great week! I wanted to send along some positive feedback for you! Last year, we began sending out surveys to our customers after they enjoy their experience and Vertical Adventures has received great feedback. We've received several responses and the overall experience rating is 10 out of 10 and the last customer we sent had the following comment:
"It was a really great time. So laid back and fun, yet still packed with tons of information and hands on experience. I really loved it. Theresa and Eric were amazing. I did not really work with Tony, but he seemed great and knowledgeable too. I am so happy with my experience."
Thanks so much for taking great care of our customers - it shows! In a world where people typically only reply to surveys to complain or point out the negatives, this is fantastic. Keep up the good work!
Best regards,
Lindsey Weller|Cloud 9 Living


Hi Bob,
Just wanted to say thanks for a great day. Jason and I had a fantastic time; your company is very professional and the course was well done and tons of fun!
Thanks again,
Shannon Lamb

Hey Bob!
What a terrific class! Your instructors were amazing, cool, fun, and absolutely brimming with experience and knowledge! Looking very forward to finding time to take the next progression of classes with you.
Thanks a million.
Klaus Gerhart

Hi Bob, I just wanted to thank you again for hosting such an incredible weekend. The training I got from both you and Peter will undoubtedly enhance my climbing and help me reach my goals. It was truly an experience of a lifetime and it will be permanently ingrained in my memory. I have gained so much from each of your classes and I look forward to enjoying more of them in the near future. You are a fantastic teacher with an incredible wealth of knowledge and I'm grateful to have your help taking my climbing to new heights.
Wayne Smith

Hi Bob,
Thank you for an excellent program. The most frequent Boy Scout "Rose" was earning the merit badge and the most frequent "Thorn" was not being able to stay longer. I will recommend Vertical Adventures to all my Scouter friends.
Cathy Lesnick, Troop 412

Finished the 2 day rock craft class with Erik and Todd. I had a blast. Both instructors are first rate climbers and first rate people. Each day was fun, safe, and full of learning- I can't wait to come back to do more classes with you guys. Please let them know how much I appreciated all their efforts.
Happy New Year,
Matt Matthew Schultz, MD, FACEP
California Emergency Physicians

Hi Bob, Last year I wrote you about the professionalism of and high quality experience I had with my private lesson with Tony. Erik is yet another highly qualified and exceptionally patient instructor and we were impressed that he oriented the instruction for our canyoneering needs.
We are happy to give glowing reports of Vertical Adventures to others who might be interested in this fun adventure we do.
Thank you,
Suzanne Randell

Dear Bob,
My wife and I recently climbed with one of your guides, Chris Baumann, in Joshua Tree (you and I met briefly in the car park at intersection rock). I just wanted to say thank you for everything. We had an excellent two days climbing with Chris - he was great. Chris balanced our two requirements very well and even though I've climbed for many years I learned some new stuff. I will fully recommend Vertical to all my friends.
Simon (and Liz)

Hi Bob,
It was great meeting you last weekend at the Intersection Rock parking lot! I just wanted to let you know how much both Mariana and I enjoyed the 2-day Rescue class on Saturday and Sunday. Tony Grice is such a talented instructor and we can't say enough good things about him and the class!
Chris Kim

It was very nice meeting you this morning at Joshua Tree. I had a great experience today in my first-ever rock climbing class with Todd and Chris. They did an excellent job instructing as well as building confidence. I've been teaching and coaching my entire adult life and these guys are first-cabin!
Chuck Currier

Just wanted to let you know that we had a blast today. Tony Grice was awesome. He picked some great routes, is super safe, taught us a lot and was wonderful with my daughter.
In short, Tony was top notch!

Dear Bob,
I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how incredible my experience was this past weekend. I've never done anything like rock climbing - I mean when people that know me heard I was going to take a class, their reaction was, "What, and ruin her manicure?!!" Erik is a GREAT instructor - aside from being highly-skilled he is really personable, extremely patient and caring. He totally "got" me and what I could do and pushed me just enough so that I was really happy with what I had accomplished by the end of the class; that's a good teacher in my book. I also appreciated that you came to the meeting site both mornings to check in and say hello. Obviously your students are more than just paying customers and for that reason I will be back - I see more "vertical adventures" in my future!!
Take good care - Kim Grayson

Hi Bob,
It was nice seeing you again on Saturday. Just wanted to let you know that Rico and I absolutely LOVED the class this weekend! Tony Sartin was wonderful, he was able to beautifully balance a mixture of beginner and intermediate climbers, giving each of us exactly what we needed to progress in our individual levels. His knowledge of various routes that could accommodate not only our differing levels but also the temperature and time of day was invaluable. Before taking the class, I felt like a "general" climber, but now I feel much more specific and conscious of each move and understand more clearly which moves work better under which conditions and why (and which moves I am better at and why).
Rico and I really want to send our praise to Tony. He made the class the success that it was. He is a phenomenal teacher, very supportive, patient and clear, and we absolutely loved learning from him.
Thanks for the fantastic instruction and service your school provides and thanks again for the discount.
We are definitely looking forward to our next course with Vertical Adventures (and Tony!) when we are ready!!!
In love and light,

Hello Bob,
I took your basic rock climbing class a couple of weeks ago. We met at the Intersection Rock parking lot on October 11. Tony Grice was the instructor.
I thoroughly enjoyed the class and was very impressed with how much climbing we did and how much we learned.
Tony's enthusiasm for climbing is contagious!
Best Regards,
Mike Glen

Dear Bob,
Thank you Vertical Adventures for a spectacular climbing trip! Our guide, Chris, made our experience in Joshua Tree. Not only did he quickly hone in on our climbing ability, (climbing gym, but little to no outdoor experience) he also encouraged us in a manner that built on our strengths and he intuitively knew how we needed to be challenged.
It was clear that Chris loves his job. His enthusiasm for the park, knowledge of the area, 25+ years of climbing experience was infectious and we were smiling from ear-to-ear all day. His respect for you (Bob) and the other guides at V.A. was clearly evident and confirmed what we already knew based on a friend's recommendation, that Vertical Adventures is a great climbing company. By the end of the day, Chris had become a friend - his kindness, encouragement, and humor made us feel at ease, and, needless to say, we're totally hooked on outdoor climbing!
Many thanks!
Caroline and Eric

Dear Bob:
Just wanted to send you a letter letting you know what an influence you had on myself and the Solana Beach rest of my fellow mates in the class this past week. The patience you showed in teaching us all the proper knots and placements for our anchors was phenomenal. You are a truly gifted climber and I am proud to be able to tell people "Bob Gaines taught me that". Josh and I have already told a few people that your company is a great resource to use for a start in rock climbing. Once again thanks a bunch and keep up the good work.
Mike Westley
Sales Manager A16

Hello Erik,
Thanks again for the wonderful day climbing. I am always very keen to learn physical skills like climbing (or various other things like climbing) and I find that it is hard to find people who are really great teachers. Being a great teacher requires patience, constantly being on the look-out for teaching opportunities, tenacity/persistence, an ability to break complex ideas down into multiple smaller concepts, being personable (and helping to maintain a positive environment) an ability to push and encourage (in the right balance to empower).... you embodied all of these traits and I am very grateful for your time!
and Bob - Thanks for helping to communicate what I wanted for the day and convincing me that a group class was not the way to go. It was certainly the right decision.
Best, Maï Yasué,
PhD Professor
Quest University Canada

My daughter Dana and I had a great class last Sunday at Idyllwild with your instructor Erik. I learned a great deal in one day. I've now taken two classes and had three of your instructors. All have been top notch and very professional. Well done.
Chuck Currier

Bob, Just a note to say how pleased and impressed I was this last weekend with both your company and our Guide Tony Sartin.
I'm not sure what I expected, but what we (my son Jesse and I) experienced was beyond my usually high expectations. The small class size ( only three of us) and the super patient and knowledgeable Tony got me hooked again on the sport we have put on the back burner for such a long time.
Thank you, and we will see you again real soon, hopefully for the leading class.
Best Regards,
Mark Wrobel
General Manager
So Cal Ship Services

Hi Bob, What a great day today. My wife and I had a lot of fun. Challenging. We like that.
Erik was a fantastic instructor. We have a unique reason for wanting to learn this skill. Once we described our goals to Erik he completely geared the day towards fulfilling them. Bob I can't tell you how rare it is, in my experience, for a subject matter authority to put aside his own ego and direct the instruction to the customer's specific wants. Normally the "expert" wants to dictate the content without regard to the specific needs of the client. Because, well, he's the expert.
Of course there are absolute requirements that must be learned and Erik covered them thoroughly as well.
Thanks so much,

For all the right reasons I suspect that this email is a repeat for you, but... I wanted to say thank you again for the incomparable time this Wednesday out in JT. Your instruction came through precise, informed and professional. I enjoyed our conversations, and while climbing really dug when you knew when to toss up a little beta- and when to let me or my dad just enjoy working it out on our own. You really fleshed out the whole experience as I got some perspective not just of the rock but the plants and the wildlife surrounding us. I felt your love of the place reflected. Now i love it there too.
I realized after, you were patiently generous with your time. I forgot we started at 8. (and then ended at 5!)
Thanks again. I always say there's 1000 days in your life that define it. Wednesday was one of the 1000 for me. hell- it was one of the 100.
Mike Brown

Dear Bob,
I wanted to send a note to say how much my family enjoyed our day of rock climbing with Erik on December 30.
Erik was a fantastic instructor for the three of us. His technical expertise was impressive, but he was also patient, calm, safety conscious, enthusiastic, possessed of a remarkable humility and respect for the environment, and was just a great person to have spent the day without among the rocks. We all came away saying it had been a fantastic day, and are thinking of coming back another time for more climbing together as a family. If so, we will be sure to contact Vertical Adventures, and will hope to climb with Erik again.
With best wishes,
Abigail Porter

Mr. Gaines,
Thank you for letting me attend your 4-day Rockcraft and 3-day Leading & Rescue classes. Tony Grice and Erik Kramer-Webb did an excellent job dealing with students of widely varying experience (I was at the bottom of that category). I could not have asked for better instruction. Your guides are not only amazing climbers, they are also gifted teachers. We'll have to do it again sometime.
Bill Kinnaird

Hi Bob,
Just got back from Idyllwild and wanted to let you know what a great time I had. I can't say enough good things about Erik. He was terrific: patient, full of climbing expertise and knowledge of the area, just an all-around great guy to hang with.
I'll definitely be back for more.
Eric G

Hi Bob,
We just took the anchor class with Tony Grice last weekend and thought we should take a minute to let you know what a wonderful experience it was. Tony is not only incredibly knowledgable, but also made it a very fun experience. He tailored the class to everyone's needs and we both felt that we learned a tremendous amount. We appreciated his focus on safety and outdoor stewardship. He truly exceeded our expectations!
We are looking forward to taking more classes with your school in the future.
Mariana and Chris

Dear Bob, Thanks very much for arranging our outing. Nick and I had a great time, did a bunch of top ropes and even a two pitch ascent.
Erik was a wonderful guide, very knowledgable and professional, and a great companion and a fount of information about climbing, the locale, and the outdoors in general.
It was a fabulous first outing for my son's first experience with outdoor climbing, and my first time back in harness in years. Thanks to you and your guide Erik for providing a truly special and memorable day for us. We would definitely love to use your guide service again, and will be contacting you again when we are in the area next year. I hope then to get my wife and youngest son to come along so they can share in the beauty and thrill of climbing!
Best regards,

I attended the 4 day rockcraft seminar on May 1st through May 4th and just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience that you and Erik provided my Son and I. I can't express to you enough how pleased I was with Erik and what an excellent instructor he is. In your guides resume section of your web site you describe Erik as someone who has a "clear and patient teaching style". The 4 days that I spent with Erik I found that to be precisely his style. Erik shared his knowledge and skill of climbing in a way that was easy for any novice to understand. His outdoor ethics showed his concern for the environment. He explained to us often how fragile the desert is and showed ways to lessen our impact on it. Erik educated me so that I would have the confidence and skills that I need to safely climb to the limits of my abilities.
Thank You,
Larry Thorne

Hi Bob,
It was nice to meet you on Saturday. I want to let you know what a great time we had rock climbing and what a great instructor Tony Sartin was. He was professional, easy-going, flexible, and patient. He was very thorough in his instructions, and always put safety as his highest concern. I have already told some of my friends about the experience and I will highly recommend it! Again, thanks for a great experience!
April & Leonard Parise

Hi Bob,
Another great climb with Erik. Thank you for providing such a good service - all the information you provided was excellent. I love the Idyllwild Inn and the routes you described made it easier for Erik to narrow down what my day would be. Being someone who loves to climb wherever I can I have had my fair share of bad guides. I shared some of the stories with Erik. It is really nice to know that I can count on Vertical Adventures!
Thanks again, Mollie

I just wanted to write a quick note thanking you and Erik for such a great time. Daynee and I had a great time climbing with Erik, and I learned quite a lot in a short time. As this was Daynee's first time climbing outdoors I really appreciate Erik's personality, demeanor, and instruction as Daynee walked away having had lots of fun - which means more climbing fun for me in the future.
Matt Vorst

Hi Bob,
I wanted to send you a quick follow up email after my weekend in Tahquitz with Tony Grice guiding.
Tony was absolutely amazing!! He was thoughtful, earnest, a wealth of knowledge, and I couldn't have been more thrilled to have him take me up some of the amazing routes in Tahquitz and Suicide Rock. He led interesting classic routes that I would have never been able to do with my friends and we even made it up Dave's Deviation, where we linked up with Piton Pooper. He was also super thorough in teaching knots, setting anchors, and proper belay station prep etc... You have an amazing guide on your team and I am looking forward to booking another weekend when he is free in July/Aug.
I will be in touch soon for sure!
Sonja Bjornson

Bob -
Just a quick note to tell you what a great time my son Cole and I had with our 1/2 day session with Erik. I've been on a lot of outdoor trips, and I've seen a lot of guides in action. Erik was just first rate, in every way. Patient, focused, helpful and effective in his instruction, etc. We had a terrific time, and I can't think of how we could have had a better day of climbing.

My daughter (Lexi) and I went climbing with Erik Kramer. Erik was an outstanding guide and teacher. He was careful and thorough. We felt very safe with him and he was an excellent teacher. He assessed our skill level and pushed us just hard enough for it to be exciting and rewarding. I hope we have another chance to come out and take your leader class with him.
Thanks again.
Dan Albert

Dear Bob,
We had a great day with Tony Sartin while we were at Joshua Tree! He is a perfect climbing guide--patient, encouraging, instructive, and a lot of fun to be with. We look forward to another opportunity to come back to Joshua Tree, and will certainly call you when we do. He was especially inspiring to our 11 year old son!
Thank you and best regards,
Cheryl Klauss

Hi Bob,
I just wanted to email you and let you know how much Jewels and I enjoyed the class last Sunday at Joshua Tree. We learned a lot and had a fantastic time with our guide, Erik. He's a great climbing instructor! I'm definitely looking forward to taking more classes from you guys!!
Thanks again,
Brad Lessard

Hey Bob,
We all had a great time, and it was an excellent learning experience. Without exception, the four girls are convinced they will be climbing the rest of their lives! Tony did a fine job--relaxed, patient and confident. A good choice for us! Thanks very much, Bob. It was good to see you again, and we look forward to more adventures!

Hi Bob,
I just wanted to send you a little note about our Anchor Class with Tony this past Christmas. I have taken numerous classes and courses with different rock climbing instructors. Tony was by far the best! He is a bomber instructor. He was patient, had an encyclopedic knowledge of the subject, and was just a great guy to be around. He schooled us well enough that we were comfortable setting our own anchors after the class both in J-Tree and Zion. Also, thanks for the list of gear for our starter rack. Our total experience with Vertical Adventures was outstanding, you guys are the gold standard.
Josh Gannis

Thank you for setting both me and my daughter up with Erik last Friday for a day of guided climbing on Suicide.
He was great - in his manner, experience, training, and teaching style - as I am sure you know. After not climbing for twenty+ years, I got up a short 5.10 section by the end of the day, so I was completely psyched. And my daughter, an absolute novice, wants to come back for more. Best possible result!
Thanks again,
Scott Herrick

Dear Bob,
I wanted to share my extreme gratitude and thanks to Vertical Adventures for what was the highlight of my first, but hopefully not last, trip to California and Joshua Tree.
My guide for the day, Tuesday May 3, was Erik Kramer-Webb. As my guide he exceeded my expectations in his professionalism, attention to safety and knowledge of climbing. As I had not climbed for approximately ten years Erik's patience and understanding in helping me to realize my goals for the day were very much appreciated.
I will look forward to another opportunity to climb at Joshua Tree and will definitely use Vertical Adventures as my source for guide services while in California.
Many thanks,
Carl Hymander Ottawa ,

Bob, we had all kinds of fun!! Erik was a great guide - taught us so many techniques and skills and with a great, gentle but encouraging style. Interesting to talk to as well. We both learned so much and had a ball. The high point of our trip so far.
Dominique and Ferrin

I just wanted to let you know how fantastic our day with Tony was. It couldn't have gone better-my sister totally got why I love climbing-not normally an adventuresome type she was very proud to post her pictures on facebook and wants to bring her three sons over to climb with her at Christmas. Thanks for responding to us so quickly!! It was wonderful-Tony is a great teacher-very encouraging and patient.
Susan Breiddal

Hi Bob,
Vivian and I wanted to let you know how happy we were with our day out with Erik. He was very personable, professional, and knowledgeable. We learned some new skills and it was helpful to practice and reinforce the skills we already had. Most importantly, we had fun and finished the day very excited to keep on climbing. We would definitely consider hiring him again.

Like the previous two years climbing with Erik was again a great experience. I just can't say enough about him.
Thank you,

Dear Bob,
I just finished the Learning to Lead class taught by Tony Grice this past weekend (10/1-10/2). It was a GREAT class! Though I might have wanted to do another mock lead or two (don't we all just really want to climb!), the information and feedback I got on gear placement, belay transitions, various belays, etc. was just what I needed. Tony was a conscientious instructor who really knew his stuff and who made sure we got it too. Thanks for a great guide and a great weekend!
Alan D. Hultberg,
PhD Assoc. Prof. of NT and Bib. Ex.
Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

I just wanted to take the time to write to you to tell you that we had an amazing climb on Friday. Erik was the best guide we could ask for. Even though we have previous climbing experience, he made sure go through every aspect with us and taught us a few things along the way! We really enjoyed having him as our guide and would sign up again to climb with him if we're ever out that way again.
Thanks to you and your service!
Joe and Collette Ringus

Thanks for setting this class up! Tony did an excellent job! We all learned a lot, and really enjoyed having him as our instructor!
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. --Thoreau

Dear Bob,
I took the anchoring class last weekend and I wanted to let you know how awesome it was! Erik is a fantastic instructor - patient, knowledgeable, and thorough. I felt totally safe with him and learned a lot, and he made the weekend a lot of fun. I'd recommend this class to anyone, and I'm planning on coming back in the Spring for the Seconding class Erik mentioned you are developing (great idea!), or a private day with Erik if that isn't offered yet. Thanks for a weekend that really rocked :)
Theresa Yuraszeck

Hi Bob,
I wanted to thank you for the terrific rock climbing experience I had yesterday with my boys and our guide, Tony. Tony's combination of expert knowledge, teaching ability and sense of humor made the day a memorable one! I look forward to another class in the future.
Thanks again,

Bob --
We had another great day with your company. Thank you. Erik was super and the day was gorgeous. We were lucky to be out on that special day.
I want more!
Thanks again,

I have been meaning to e-mail. I had a spectacular time climbing with Tony Grice at Joshua Tree the Saturday before the super bowl. He picked 3 really nice multi-pitch routes at the Lost Horse wall and besides the excellent climbing I solidified some techniques and learned how to manage a multi-pitch climb from the followers perspective. I am thoroughly impressed with your guide service and will recommend you to other people looking for service and you are at the top of my list for guide services in Southern California.

This was a great course, and Erik was a wonderful instructor. I could not have asked for a better experience. I am already recommending the course to friends.
Many thanks,

Hi Bob,
Yesterday was such an amazing day. Perfect weather in the most gorgeous surroundings. Tony was terrific. He showed me a couple of challenging climbs that were just so exhilarating to get through. I really wish I could come out more often. Thanks as always for providing such great guides every time I the climbing bug hits me.

I'm amazed as always (this was my 4th 2 day class w/ you guys- unfortunately separated by many years of not climbing)-your guides are always the best of the best not just at climbing but at teaching and generally at being fun to learn climbing from… Erik is awesome- please tell him both heather and i thought so-really a superb teacher and cool guy.
Thanks again, talk to you soon

Also, I'd like to second Jonathan's comments about what a great instructor Erik is. He made the class truly enjoyable, and was funny, patient and really cared about teaching the techniques thoroughly and well. We also enjoyed his mini-lessons on ecology and protecting the environment. Only, tell him not to be so humble! We wanted to hear more about his adventures in climbing… We hope to see you before too terribly long for Anchors!
Heather Gaw

I just want to say thanks for an awesome two day learning experience. You showed all the qualities a good guide should have - knowledge, professionalism and patience. But perhaps, most importantly you appeared excited and psyched about what you were doing - even if that was just teaching basic top-rope anchoring. Of particular note, I recall you and another student talking about the passion some other guide showed when instructing beginners and you remarked, "Oh see, he still loves it, man." I remembered thinking that the exact same could be said of you.
So anyways, thanks again Tony (and to Bob) for the good times.
James Yang

I wanted tell you what a great course Erik put together. The climbs were very challenging (for me) and really focused the need for proper crack climbing skills. Erik was very patient with me and spent the time necessary for that ah ha! moment to occur. I went climbing this weekend with my boys and was able to more easily get up a climb I really struggled with at the beginning of the class. Your school, together with Erik's patience and experience has allowed me to climb a lot harder than I thought I could.
Thank you.

Dear Bob,
I want to let you know what a fantastic job Erik and Tony did this weekend with our class. They are truly outstanding instructors-knowledgeable, patient, and encouraging. I learned a lot and felt that the climbs were just challenging enough to build confidence without being completely overwhelming. We're looking forward to the next class!
Thanks for a wonderful weekend!
Shannah Zorn

Hi Bob,
I had a great time over the weekend, Erik is a very capable instructor. I've taught snowboarding for many years, and know how difficult it is to balance everyone's skill level and ensure that each get something out of it, and I thought he did very well with it.

I am absolutely thrilled I decided to take the leading class. All of the questions I had were displayed perfectly by Tony Grice. He was precise, extremely knowledgeable and personable. We had an excellent time and I will definitely speak only great things of your service.
Merritt King

Hi Bob,
It's Annette Olson. I want to thank you for arranging the Monday climbing with Erik. The boys and I had a great time and Erik was absolutely great with the boys. Please extend my heartfelt thanks to him.

Hello Bob,
I just had to write a note to you to let you know how pleased we were with our climbing experience on January 10th. Tony was a fantastic guide who had so much patience with our kids. They really enjoyed their climbs, especially their climb into the Eye of the Cyclops!! It was a highlight of their trip for sure. Rock climbing will be a family activity we will try again in the future. We will be recommending Vertical Adventures to any of our friends who visit your area!
Many thanks,
Niki McLaughlin, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

I just wanted to say thanks for setting up our Saturday guide service with Erik. It couldn't have gone better. My partner and I are both instructors and we truly appreciate good instructors. Dee is a Master SCUBA Instructor, and I teach in my industry and previously taught Speech Communication for several years at various California Universities.
Erik was a joy! Very professional. Very friendly. We learned a lot. We felt very safe on our climb, and most of all, we had FUN.
We will both consider hiring Erik the next time we do this. Probably soon. Please thank Eric for us, and know that you have a good man there.
All the best!
Mike Perras

Wanted to let you know that Tony did a great job. He was both professional, but easy going and fun. As a former guide, I pay attention to the little things....his willingness to take pictures, his encouragement and positive attitude served me well. Thanks for the opportunity to help me reach my goal of fifty classic climbs on my fiftieth.
On Belay,

I wanted to make sure to thank you for the fantastic four day rock-craft course I just finished, 8/7-8/10. It has been a while since I climbed and taking this course has made a huge difference in my confidence to be able to safely climb with my two boys, Dusty & Colt, who took the two day basic & intermediate climbing course. I have never had the experience of climbing with a guide, but now I know why people do. Erik was very caring, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. I explained to him what I thought my weak points were and he addressed them in a way that was easy to understand and retain. My boys think he's the best thing to come along since sticky rubber. They both learned a lot & were very excited to see the results of what they learned. I think part of raising healthy well adjusted kids is to instill great memories that they can carry with them through the rest of their lives. Memories that when looked back upon, give strength, courage, and confidence. The time they spent with Erik will surely be one of those memories they will look back on time and time again. I look forward to future courses and private guiding.
Thank You,
Jerry, Dusty, & Colt.

Hi Bob,
Thanks for the list. My last day with Tony was incredible. It was 2pm before either of us even thought about lunch and even then, carried on. He's a wonderful teacher. Words cannot express the quality of my experience with all three of you.
Many thanks for everything.
Most Sincerely,

Dear Bob,
I would like to tell you what a fantastic time I had last weekend. My Rockcraft class was taught by Erik Kramer-Webb and Tony Grice, and they did a great job explaining climbing techniques and safety guidelines. I never felt in danger, and they were constantly emphasizing safety checks before climbing. Being on top of the rock is like nothing I've felt before, and I look forward to finding a good pair of climbing shoes and getting back out there soon. Thanks a bunch!
Joseph Singleton

I had an outstanding time climbing with Tony today. He picked a selection of routes that were excellent climbs and also helped expand my climbing ability. I have been very impressed with the service offered by yourself and your guides both times I have climbed with you.

I can't tell you what a great time I had this weekend rock climbing with Erik! He was so professional, always putting safety first, very knowledgeable and just plain great to be around! You have a great guy working for you! Thank you for the adventure of a lifetime - one I'll never forget!
Jan Severance

My son had an 8 hour guided tour with your company on March 27, 2013. His guide was Tony Grice. I have to say that this was the highlight of my trip to Palm Springs. My husband and I were so impressed with the level of teaching, safety and sheer exposure that our son Jack had. Jack absolutely loved it. If we are ever in the area again, I know we will be coming back!
Pam Lawrence

Hi Bob,
Samantha and I just got back from our trip to California. We wanted to let you know that we had a great time climbing with Erik. We have had other rock climbing guides but Erik was definitely the best we have ever had. He spent a lot of time teaching us and listening to what we said we wanted to learn. Erik is also very safety conscious, we felt very safe climbing with him. Please let him know that we had a fantastic day climbing and that the routes he chose and the day he planned for us were perfect.
Thanks again,
Chad & Samantha

Mr. Gaines,
Good morning. I just completed your 2-day Rockcraft class with Erik and wanted to express my appreciation for the professionalism and expert knowledge displayed by your guide. Erik took the time to carefully explain and insure understanding in both basic and intermediate climbing techniques and movements. He placed safety first and never pushed anyone beyond their comfortable limits. He created a fun and safe environment and was willing to explain or clarify any questions we may have had, on any subject. This was one of the best teacher/student instruction I have received in any given subject. I thank you for the opportunity. I had a great time and look forward to taking additional courses with Vertical Adventures in the future.
Thanks again for the help,
Nick Keisel

Excerpts from some letters we've received:

"Thank you very much for a marvelous day - superb instruction, reasonable challenges, and good company."
- Deirdre Porter, San Francisco, CA

"We wanted to thank you for being responsible for one of the most exciting and fun weekends that we've ever had. We really look forward to climbing with you again."
- Rafael Wonderman, Irvine, CA

"Thanks for your expert instruction and guidance. You helped me make my dream a reality. Had a great time!"
- Mal Harwood, Sierra Madre, CA (After his successful ascent of Switzerland's Matterhorn)

"Your expert guidance has helped me to achieve some personal bests - with success & pride. Thanks for your patience, support, and good humor!"
- Debbie Jiamian, Los Angeles, CA

"I can't speak highly enough of your expertise, professionalism, and patience. I will always recommend Vertical Adventures to anyone who is interested in intense short courses in rock climbing in beautiful surroundings."
- Janet Heineck, Seattle, WA

"My compliments to you on running a first class organization - excellent instruction, superb attention to safety, exposure to a wide range of situations, and very personable staff. Most of all I thank you for making climbing fun for me - you made a convert."
-Janet Tansley, Vancouver, British Columbia

"Climbing has been great for my son Tony. I've seen his self-confidence grow as he accomplishes what at first appears to be an impossible goal. Thanks for the "uplifting" and safe experience you provided for us!"
-Kristyne Segneri, Bloominton, IL

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